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We stock and supply an extensive range of fully warranted filters throughout the automotive industry.

SAKURA FILTERS are manufactured to the highest Japanese JIS standards to ensure they are equal or exceed the standard of the original filters. In the event of an engine or equipment failure directly caused by a defective SAKURA FILTERS, SAKURA FILTERS AUSTRALIA will restore the engine or equipment to the condition before the incident.

WESFIL FILTERS has been a part of the Australian automotive aftermarket since 1984 when manufacturing began in Western Australia. In 1985 the business was taken over by Terry Cooper who relocated operations to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, where the Head Office is still based. In 1996 Wesfil became part of the automotive division of GUD Holdings Ltd, and formally became known as Wesfil Australia Pty Ltd.

Since then, Wesfil has continued to expand and thrive in a market that continues to demand quality, range and good old fashioned customer service.

RYCO designs, develops and tests filters to meet or exceed the filters as specified by the global automotive vehicle manufacturers. RYCO FILTERS has developed a broad range of oil, air, fuel, cabin, transmission and hydraulic filters which means that the RYCO range can service most of the global automotive car parc.

(What does car parc mean, I hear you ask? Well, all it means is the total number of cars and light vehicles in use in a country.)